Originally invented in 1957 to maintain the chrome on American show cars, Quick-Glo set the standard as the only non-toxic, cleaner, polisher and a protector for use on most hard surfaces including (but not limited to) chrome, stainless steel, glass, mirrors and plastics. Today, Quick-Glo is still the premium product that you can rely on to perform as intended but is now available in a range of three formulas:

The Original formula is the most aggressive in the range. With its unique combination of Pumice (Volcanic Ash), Silica and waxes, it removes heavy rust from metals, leaving a great shine and a protective layer which helps to prevent rust from re-appearing.
Ideal for restoring heavily pitted chrome, or where the rust is bubbling. Also gives great results on shower doors, faded patio furniture and much more.
Should always be applied and buffed with a Micro-Fibre cloth. As this is an abrasive product, excessive pressure or extended usage on soft metals, mirrors and polycarbonate could possibly leave micro scratches. So always test a small area first
The Fine formula contains a milder combination of Pumice (Volcanic Ash) and waxes to give a less aggressive formula. However, it still removes light oxidation (rust) from metals, leaving an even greater shine than the Original formula while still leaving a protective layer which helps to prevent rust from re-appearing.
Gives brilliant results on lightly rusted or lightly pitted chrome, but also gives great results on glass, mirrors and polycarbonate and is ideal for maintaining your finish after using the Original formula to restore.
Should always be applied with a Micro-Fibre cloth. As this is an abrasive product, always test a small area for suitability first
Contains 3 micron pumice (at least five times finer than the thickness of human hair) and waxes for a super fine finish on highly polished surfaces such as rust free chrome, milled aluminium, polycarbonate and works well to bring back the shine to moulded ABS plastics, such as used extensively on motorcycles. It is also ideal for maintaining your finish or after using the Fine formula.
Should ideally be applied and buffed with the Viking ultra soft micro fibre cloth for which we are UK's only supplier currently.

Quick-Glo restores chromeUsing Quick-Glo on chrome
After being stood for 25 years, this moderately rusted 1976 Kawasaki z900 rear mudguard was restored using Original and Fine formula Quick-Glo.
As you can see on the treated area, the rust is gone, just leaving minor pitting and leaving a brilliant shine. Also, the waxes in Quick-Glo help to delay the return of rust .


Quick-Glo restores plasticsUsing Quick-Glo on plastics
We used the Quick-Glo P3-Ultra formula to restore the ABS plastic inner mudguard from the same 1976 Kawasaki z900 which had been stood for 25 years.
As you can see, the P3-Ultra formula removed the micro scratches and brought back that freshly moulded shine!


Never rub hard, always let Quick-Glo do the work. Never apply in circles – side to side works best. Always apply to a test area on new surfaces. For best results apply and hand buff the Original and Fine formulas with a micro-fibre cloth.The P-3 Ultra formula needs our special white super fibre cloth, but a standard micro-fibre will give satisfactory results.
Quick-Glo is water based and generally very stable if stored between temperatures between 5‘c and 32‘c. Above 32’c Quick-Glo may liquify and once cooled again the ingredients can separate. If this occurs you will see a wax coating on the top. Simply place your Quick-Glo somewhere warm (in direct sunshine is best) until the wax melts again. Then give it a good shake or mix and then place it in the freezer for 5 minutes and it will return to its original consistency.
In the unlikely event that the contents dry out a little, you can simply mix in small amount of water to bring it back to the original consistency.
Quick-Glo is NOT recommended for painted surfaces. Accidental contact is OK but repeated rubbing might cause a brushed look.

Quick-Glo features on Jay Leno's Garage
Petrolhead Jay Leno uses Quick-Glo on his vast collection of cars and motorcycles. In fact, he was so impressed that it was featured in an episode of his 'Jay-leno's Garage' TV show. 

Quick-Glo features on an episode of 'Jay Lenos Garage'

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